Depth: 10-30m
Visibility: Good
Macro: Excellent
Wide Angle: Excellent
Current: Strong
Access: Boat

The site has a large variety of biodiversity and divers should look out for the many different species in this one area. What may appear to be thousands of butterfly fish may actually be many different species. The pelagic fish include many different species of jack fish, manta rays, tuna, and different reef sharks. There are large schools of sweetlips and barracuda as well. Grey reef sharks are common here as well as white tip reef sharks and black tip reef sharks. Divers have also regularly spotted Oceanic Manta Rays swimming out in the deep blue.

It is hard to know where to start when describing Blue Magic… Let’s just say its been emotional!! This is undoubtably one of the very best dive sites in Raja Ampat.

A fast descent must be made onto this deep pinnacle reef, located in the heart of Raja Ampat. If you’re not quick enough, the strong current can sweep you off this site with ease. Luckily this is a boat dive, so if you don’t make it down in time its always possible to try again.

Blue Magic is a renowned cleaning station for Oceanic Mantas – one of the few places in the world you can see these giant swimming birds. When descending into the eery blue it is often thick with plankton, making it tricky to figure out exactly what you’re aiming for. But, if you’re really lucky the mantas will already be there dancing on top of the pinnacle. If that isn’t enough for you to feast your eyes on, this spectacular dive site offers so much more.

While half a dozen mantas swoop majestically overhead, hundreds of schooling jacks, swirling barracuda and full sized reef sharks grace you with their presence. If we weren’t holding onto regs with clenched teeth, our jaws would literally drop at this heart-stopping sight. More often than not we just hook in (rather than fighting the strong current) and enjoy the show.

Observing the reef more closely the diverse marine life, macro and small critters on offer at Blue Magic are also excellent. Expect nothing less than giant groupers, harlequin shrimp, honeycomb eels, wobbegong sharks, octopus, cuttlefish, pretty anthias and reef fish, nudibranch, pygmy seahorses, porcelain crabs, colourful clams and stunning soft corals! This healthy ecosystem gives us much hope for the future of coral reefs in the Raja Ampat region, despite the threats they face.

If you want guaranteed manta-sitings then the best time to dive Raja Ampat and Blue Magic is between the months of November and January. However this does mean that vis is pretty low (the sea is full of plankton, which the mantas feed on). We feel this is a very small price to pay for a once-in-a-lifetime diving experience! Has Blue Magic spoilt us for life? Probably!!

Sitting in the middle of the “blue” ocean, the ever present anticipation of what is just beyond sight makes this site truly “magical”. Great schools of fish swarm around the mostly hard corals, relentlessly pursued by swarms of Spanish Mackerel, Giant Trevally, Barracuda, Dogtooth Tuna, Rainbow Runners, and countless Jacks. More often than not, divers are surprised by Blacktip Reef and Grey Reef Sharks, Bumphead Parrots and even huge oceanic Mantas. This is the one site where anything can happen….and it usually does! Be ready for an amazing dive here!