Depth: 5-25m
Visibility: Very good
Macro: Very good
Wide Angle: Excellent
Current: Strong to Very Strong
Access: Boat

The Cape Kri dive site is famous for a record that was set by Dr. Gerry Allen for the highest number of different species on a one-tank dive. He recorded 374 species here and it went on to become a world famous dive site for its huge numbers of diversity.

The dive site is found on the Northeast point of Kri Island in Raja Ampat and at this point, the currents navigate through the channel between this island and the small island of Koh. Large schools of snappers, barracudas, and trevallies are found swimming in the currents. Visiting the site at dawn at dusk is normally when there is the largest number of fish.

The reef slopes down to around 40 metres and at the bottom of the reef, there is a very old anchor that has become home to a large group of sweetlips. The top of the reef is made up of many hard corals that are patrolled by black tip reef sharks. The variety of fish is hard to describe, but divers will find all types of marine life in all shapes and sizes. Macro divers will be pleased with the variety of nudibranchs, pygmy seahorses, scorpion fish, shrimps, and other small creatures, whilst divers looking for larger marine life can spot some of the many huge Queensland groupers or sharks. Divers will spot Napoleon wrasse, barracuda, giant trevally, and tuna on most dives.

Black tips and grey sharks are regular visitors here, as they patrol the reefs outer edges. Meanwhile huge schools of sweet lips, groupers, giant trevally and snappers can be found in shallower areas.

If you hang around long enough, the pygmy seahorses love the corals at Cape Kri. Exploring the reefs many nooks and crannies (which are covered in dense schools of tiny fish) adds an entirely new dimension to the dive.

We generally find the visibility at Cape Kri good, which is possibly why mantas are rarely spotted here, however this doesn’t deter the impressive schools of fish which make diving Cape Kri in Raja Ampat such a signature site.