Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Depth: 3-30m
Visibility: Good
Macro: Excellent
Wide Angle: Excellent
Current: Very Strong
Access: Boat

Since it looks like a Japanese warship from the air, the US Air Force repeatedly bombed the island during WWII. In the intervening years the reef has recovered remarkably, with the chunks of rocks being blown off, creating magnificent crevices and overhangs, for an array of macro subjects. Ascending on a great wall, there is usually a group of sweetlips smiling at the cameras. Since it sits almost smack in the middle of the Dampier Strait, one regularly spots hunting Spanish Mackerel, or cruising White Tip Reef and Black Tip Reef Sharks. As you spend the latter half of the dive in the shallows, be on the lookout for Wobbegong and Epaulette Sharks, Turtles, and even sea snakes.

Many of our most memorable dives have been at Mikes Point. This site probably offers some of the best diving in Raja Ampat, and the world!

During WWII the tiny island that is Mikes Point (which is conveniently situated in the centre of the Dampier Strait) was bombed by the US Army, as its size and shape were similar to a Japanese warship.

This has been fortuitous for the dive site, since the impacts have created unusual rock formations which now provide a safe haven for a variety of critters hiding within their dark crevices.

The reason we enjoy Mikes Point so much, is because every dive is different. This unpredictable site offers an unusual topology, fantastic corals, a swim-through cave at 9 metres and some seriously strong currents. Admittedly, this means its not for everyone, but if you’re a thrill seeking diver then this one could be your cup of tea.

While the macro is excellent, due to its central location, there is always big stuff passing by such as sharks and eagle rays, turtles, sea snakes. The famous wobbegong and walking shark can also be